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Grand Chute Baseball is a baseball program for area youth ranging from ages 5 through 13. We offer a competitive level of baseball yet strive to teach teamwork and sportsmanship in a friendly environment. There are no residency requirements or restrictions to participate.

Levels of play include T-Ball (ages 5-6), Rookie (ages 7-8), Kid-pitch/Minors (ages 9-10), and Majors (ages 11-12). At each age group (7U through 12U) players have the opportunity to tryout for tournament/travel teams. Please indicate your interest in participation at time of registration.

13 year olds will try out for teams that participate in the Fox Valley Youth Baseball League, which plays local teams from other area programs during the week and involves several weekend tournaments.

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Today's Game

Grand Chute Baseball Registration: January 25, 2018 6-8pm and January 27, 2018 9-11.  Location: Grand Chute Town Hall, 1900 Grand Chute BLVD, Grand Chute, WI

Print forms from registration tab and bring to registration event or mail in to address below. 

Grand Chute Baseball
1835 E Edgewood Drive Suite 10539
Appleton, WI 54913



Season begins with opening day on Saturday May 12, and will continue through mid July.  After opening day, then all games will be played in the evenings (start times 5:30 pm or later) during the week.  Typically 2 games per week.  Practices will begin 4-6 weeks prior to the start of season, weather permitting.  The number of practices, date/time is dependent on head coach, weather, field availability.  The number of practices listed below is only an estimate.  

TBall  Age 5-6.  Games Tues/Thurs.  0-1 practices/wk. 
Rookie.  Age 7-8.  Games Mon/Wed.  1 practices/wk.
Minors.  Age 9-10.  Games Tues/Thurs.  1-2 practices/wk.
Majors.  Age 11-12.  Games Mon/Wed.  1-2 practices/wk. 

SKILLS ASSESSMENT -- technically these are not tryouts, as everyone will be placed on a team.  We attempt to keep teams more competitive by assessing skills prior to dividing up teams.  This is done at the the Majors and Minors level only.  It is required only for those new to Grand Chute Baseball and those new to the next level of play.  So those moving up from Rookie to Minors and those moving up from Minors to Majors will need to do this assessment.  The date these assessments will be known by time of registration at the end of January.  

BATS for 2018

The new rules for bats effecting "Little League" will not effect our league play.   We are not a LL sanctioned league.   Our board has decide to allow league players ages 12 and under (Majors down to Tball) to "swing what you bring."  this would allow players to use bats stamped with either USA approval or USSSA approval.  There will be no need to purchase a new bat for league play in 2018.  This will be in effect for 2018.  Future years to be determined.   For those playing tournament ball on weekends, it is possible those tournaments will have restrictions different than our league play.  Input from area leagues seem to be implimenting a similar policy as ours.